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An efficient hospital requires coordination of Man, Machine, Material and Money. Digitizing ensures that all aspects of the hospital are integrated together.

"A user Interface is like a joke. If you have to explain, it's not that good."

The biggest obstabcle with digitizing is data Entry. Mana eases data entry to such a level that it isn't a chore anymore!

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Mana Modules

Mana Reception


  • Add, Edit, Delete Appointments
  • Register and Provide universal ID
  • Queue mangement
  • Room Availability & Booking
  • Manage Walk-in Patients
  • Print OP Cards
  • Easy to learn & User friendly
  • Fast track emergency cases
Nursing Station

  Efficient Patient Onboarding

Fixing appointments has never been easier and smoother.

Immediate updation of doctors' schedules at the reception to minimise waiting time

Availability of Room, Operation Theatre and Doctor in a single view

Easy appointment cancellation and no-show cases to utilise doctor’s consultation hours efficiently

Mana Consultation


  • Instant access Patient Details
  • Detailed Patient History
  • Manage Emergency cases
  • Save all Patient Records
  • Doctor Calender Management
  • View Radiology and Lab results
  • Consultation Fees update
  • Revisit and Admission Procedures
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  Specialized Input

Mana's doctor page changes according to the doctor's specialization.

To Optimize doctors data entry, it is a must that the software caters to different doctors depending on their speciality

Interactive interface help during consultation by prompting questions and help filling history of presenting illness, examination etc.

Mana Billing


  • OP Billing
  • IP Billing
  • Search Bills
  • Due Settlements
  • Cashier Shift Start & Close
  • Supervisor Login
  • Lab & Services connected
  • Manage all modes of payments
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  Differentiated Billing

Out Patients and In Patients are treated differently in the hospital and so should their billing method be.

Immediate creation and closing of OP bills, whereas, IP bills can be kept open for the entire duration of patients stay at the hospital

Mana Duty Doctor


  • Patient Admission
  • Physician Notes
  • Discharge summary
  • Manage on going Medicine List
  • Detailed Case Sheet
  • Add Surgery notes
  • Link to Lab and other Services
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  All Records in one place

Course of treatment and Surgery Notes can be entered during consultation visit and will be used to auto generate discharge summary, thereby reducing man hour wastage at discharge

Seamlessly create Digital case sheet and discharge data that can be viewed later during revisits

Mana Insurance


  • Add Authorized Amount
  • Manage Insurance Cheques,TDS
  • Payout Management
  • Insurance Provider wise reports
  • Easily track status of all insurance
  • Ready to send print outs
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  Ease of Access

Directly connected to billing, ensuring ease of access

Clearly marked statuses helps track by each case individually.

Track pending payments and send reminders

Mana Lab


  • Lab workflow Management
  • First in First out
  • Print standardized Lab Reports
  • Database of major Lab tests
  • Normal range and units specified
  • Highlight out of range results
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  Automated Reports

Once billed Lab reports are generated by mana with all fields like Test Name, Units and Normal Range auto filled. the technitian needs only enter the observation value. Even that value is selectable to minimize typing and spelling errors whenever possible

Lab is intimated automatically once billing is done, reducing communication delay

Mana Nursing Station


  • Medicine Route,Dosage,Duration
  • View and Follow Doctor advice
  • Start & Stop Services
  • Periodic Examination (BP, CVS)
  • Ward and Room Change
  • Easy data entry
Nursing Station

  One stop for all patient info

View medicines, dosage as entered by consultants or doctors for each patient

Save all examination data including Blood Pressure, temperature etc and display this in graphical manner to doctors

Designed with nurses in mind, ensuring that data entry is never a problem

Mana Prescription


  • Fastest way to prescribe
  • Linked to Medicine Database
  • Solves illegible handwriting issues
  • Dosage,Route,Duration & Advice
  • Print Ready
  • Linked to Pharmacy
  • Search Old records
Nursing Station

  Neat Prescription

Extremely easy to enter prescription pad that will reduce time even for the non tech savvy by using optimization algorithms to ensure ease in picking and entering medicine

Prescription history available at a single click to minimise time loss during consultation

Mana Diagnostic Services


  • X-ray, CT Scan, MRI etc
  • Give workorders after payment
  • Instant result sharing with doctors
  • Save or print results
  • Customized Data Capture
  • Results viewable in smartphones
Nursing Station


Bill, Record and display services like X Ray and Physiotherapy

All reports and records of a patient available at one place and can be retrieved anytime

Room occupancy vs Inpatient inflow reports to monitor peak periods and prepare accordingly

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