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Whether you are a manufacturer or a service provider, you will agree that digital transformation is a necessity for your organization.

"Progress is impossible without change" -G.Bernard Shaw

While selecting an ERP for your organization, select the one which can provide the easiest and fastest change.

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Founder's Note

ERP's from the 90's and early decade of 2000, takes on an average of 3-5 years to get implemented and become fully functional. Unfortunately, the initial cost of these ERPs and other hidden costs make the software affordable only for the big players.

T Cube's Aegis aims to eliminate two colossal disadvantages of a regular ERP:

1. Implementation Time

People by default are comfortable where they are and are reluctant to any kind of change. But in this time period, whether you are a manufacturer or a service provider, you will agree that digital transformation is a necessity for your organization. The perfect solution for you will be a smooth and fast ERP implementation. In one of our projects in early 2016, the CRM department of a power plant commissioning company, with offices in Chennai, Bangalore and Dubai, and also managing multiple projects with 300+ customers, went through a complete transformation from paper to digital in a span of 3 weeks. 3 weeks is all it took for implementation, customization, training and Go live!.

2. Cost

The big ERP providers goes with a pricing pattern that charges based on the number of users and the duration of usage. For example, one of the leading CRM software providers in India charges @ 6000 Rupees per user per month. This value may look small and attractive since it is shown as a small number. But when calculating the cost, for a model company of 15 users, the price for a single module comes to about 10 lakhs per year. And one has to keep paying that amount every year to continue using the software. But @ T Cube, we follow a simple cost plus pricing model. We don't charge based on the number of users or time period. We charge by the cost incurred to us based on our customer's requirement and needs. To give you a rough estimate, your company can buy and own T Cube's CRM module for lifetime at about ONE TENTH of the yearly cost of leading software in the market.

Our aim is to contribute the best towards the digital technology revolution happening in India.

Aegis Modules

Aegis Accounting

  Income & Expense Manager

Consolidates financial accounting data and assists in tracking and monitoring all transactions.

It simplifies the process and reduces errors and lets you close the books quickly and accurately.

  Account Statement

Connect Aegis accounting to bank accounts and get a real-time update on your accounts and cash flow.

  Interactive & Graphical Reports

Drill down your finances with dynamic reports.

Balance sheets, P&L and Bank account tracking can all be done with a single click.

"It helps me work efficiently by automatically calculating taxes and total." img


Accounts Officer, PDCS Pvt. Ltd.

Aegis CRM


Easily create standardized quotes that follow company guidelines and legal guidelines.

Aegis CRM Quote management unites multiple departments and several documents that are created in different locations by different teams.

Your company's sales team can request for quote and define the items. With the data, the CRM team will prepare the quote. The software will automatically alert the respective manager of the department for approval and digital signature for the quote.

Quote Management segment keeps track of quote through all the stages beginning from request, creation, approval, mailing, negotiation, acceptance and closure.

img happy customer

  Customer Relations

Aegis CRM manages all customer related information in one place and thus helps you establish and maintain a healthy customer relationship.

It helps you reply confidently to customer enquiries and manage follow up actions efficiently.

Aegis Finance


Have you ever wondered how invoice creation can be simplified if all information is available at the finger tips?

Aegis Finance provides a powerful Invoice Generation front end, through which you can access all information right from the request for quotation up until the receipt of order from the customer.

Streamline the capture, processing, and approval of all your invoices with this workflow solution.

  Invoice Features

  • Add company logo
  • Choose font and colors
  • Add relevant contact information
  • Choose the Bank account details for sharing
  • Select the Currency
  • Choose the taxes applicable from database
  • Select payment terms
  • Create & Attach documents in our interactive spreadsheet
  • and the list goes on......
img  invoice printout

Choose Aegis, Don't settle for anything less!

Aegis HR

  Human Resource

Maintain all relevant employee related information including all personal information, detailed qualifications, work experience, salary structure, payslip data, leave balance etc.

Create organisation charts, reporting hierarchies and gives insight to potential workforce changes that allow better collaboration and sharing of organisational plans.

img org chart


Provides rich interactive HR dashboards allowing organisations to customize their HR data.

  Leave management

Robust and feature-rich leave attendance software that meets your needs while exceeding your expectations.

"Aegis HR module is developed with years of groundwork and research in the field of Human Resources Management. The UI and work flow streamline will suit companies of all sizes and types." img

Kumar Shankar

7 years in the field of HR

Aegis Inventory


Manages day-to-day operations in a warehouse and enables centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations.

  • Goods Receipt
  • Serialized inventory and item master
  • Barcoding
  • Goods Transfer
  • Lot tracking
  • Assigning staff
  • Inventory by Location
  • Goods Issue
  • Picking Sequence
  • Shipping management
  • Documentation
  • Reports
img warehouse
Aegis Maintenance

  Preventive Maintenance Control

Configure the Preventive maintenance of each machine.

Automate maintenance alerts.

Managers gain instant access to information related to critical assets, downtime, overdue PMs, failures, inventory levels, emergency work, and other key performance indicators.

  Equipment Tracking

Detailed Equipment records including details on purchase, installation, usage, location, maintenance.

  Breakdown Maintenance

Helps an employee to register a breakdown during work/operation. Employee can register breakdown ticket by logging into the system.

The concerned persons are alerted and they can schedule & prioritize critical work and allocate manpower for attending the breakdown immediately.

Aegis Projects

  Plan Project

The most crucial stage of any project is the Initiation and Planning phase.

Aegis lets you plan the project with ease.

The module lets you define the scope & deliverables, assign project leaders and workers, create detailed WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and create risk management plan.

  Execute & Control Project

Allocate and Manage human resources, materials and budgets.

Measure and monitor the variables defined in the planning stage.

Identify and address issues and risks on time.

Effective communication and documentation.

  Close Project

Complete, settle and close the project.

Obtain feed back and customer reviews.

img gantt Chart
"At one shot we are able to visualize the things going on in the company." img


Manager - Tendering & Engineering

Aegis Purchase

  Purchase Order

Create and email standardized Purchase orders.

Instruct Finance & Accounting team on processing of bills received and payment.

Streamline the Purchase workflow and track every purchase transaction and related history with all suppliers.

  Vendor Management

Add and manage unlimited vendors.

Better engagement with vendors through instant access of vendor/supplier data.

Rate your vendors in terms of delivery, lead time, quality and price.

Purchase Edit Page
Aegis Production

  Production Planning

Consolidate and optimize the resource allocation of materials, employees and machines.

  • BOM- Bill of Materials
  • Process definition
  • Forecast and Demand based planning
  • Generate Production Schedule
  • Analytics on machine efficiency
  • Real time info sharing with Purchase and Inventory
  • Daily Production Plan
  • Centrally or locally controlled Manufacturing order generation
  • Adjust and revoke plan & priorites


Decision making with real-time insight.Improved resource usage and better manufacturing execution.

  • Machine wise planning
  • Batch and Continous production management
  • Cycle Time Analytics
  • Integrate with Quality Assurance
  • Real time feedback on Operational performance
  • Track total product cost
  • Maintain complete records and documentation
  • Reports
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